Posted on July 7

How to Prepare Your Luxury Car for Indoor Winter Storage


Luxury car ownership carries with it a certain responsibility, and this responsibility becomes most apparent during the winter months. When it’s time to retire your high-performance machine for the winter, choosing the right indoor vehicle storage can make all the difference. With Safe Auto Vehicle Transport and Storage, we’ve simplified the process of storing your car safely, thanks to our state-of-the-art facilities and industry-leading practices.

Here are some best practices you should follow when preparing your luxury car for winter storage in our secure, climate-controlled facility.

1. Clean your car

Before storing your car, give it a thorough cleaning. Small amounts of dirt can result in scratches or corrosion over time. A professional detailing inside and out can help to protect the vehicle. Ask us about your options for an interior, exterior or full car detailing package during your visit.

2. Keep it covered

Use a breathable car cover, especially designed for indoor use. This will protect your vehicle from dust and potential minor bumps.

3. Top off all fluids

Fill up your gas tank and consider adding a fuel stabilizer to prevent condensation. Make sure to also check and top off other fluids like antifreeze, brake fluid, and oil.

4. Mind the battery

Car batteries can discharge over time. To avoid this, consider using Safe Auto’s optional battery tender service. This service keeps your battery in optimal condition, so your vehicle is ready to hit the road when spring arrives.

5. Adjust tire pressure

Tires can lose pressure when a car sits idle. To avoid flat spots, consider over-inflating your tires slightly or invest in some tire cradles. Safe Auto over-inflates and maintains adequate tire pressures during your vehicle’s entire stay.

6. Insurance and Security

Maintaining insurance for your vehicle is essential. Our secure facilities equipped with advanced security systems provide peace of mind throughout the winter.

Planning ahead and taking these steps will ensure that your luxury vehicle remains in top condition, even during its winter hibernation. Our indoor car storage facilities offer 24-hour security and climate control, ensuring that your vehicle is not only safe from theft and vandalism, but also from harsh weather conditions that could affect its performance and appearance. Our customers agree that Safe Auto is the premier vehicle storage solution for all of Ontario. For more car storage tips and advice, visit the Car Care Council’s website ( To learn more about our indoor winter storage services, get in touch with our team.

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