Posted on February 16
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Canadian International Auto Show 2023


Safe Auto at the Canadian International Auto Show 2023

Safe Auto was very proud to attend the CIAS 2023 ourselves with our shop RS6 as part of the Pasmag RevTV365 display. Safe Auto was delighted to be brought in to move such major brands as Nissan Canada, Vinfast Canada, as well as JRP and Ultimate Exotics.

The Show

After 2 years of Covid shutdowns it was great to have the Canadian International Auto Show (CIAS 2023) open and bringing in car lovers again. Traditionally the CAIS brings OEM’s out en masse to display their new offerings and products. 2023 brought a slightly different vibe to the show. All of the German OEM’s decided not to attended creating a bit of a gap in the offerings available. North American manufacturers made up the majority of the show, as well as several Japanese offerings.  This lack of German OEM’s brought a bit of trepidation as not having manufacturers such as Porsche, Audi and Mercedes left a rather large gap in the potential offerings of the show.

We can happily confirm nothing could be further from the truth. The Concours of Cobble Beach brought an entire history of Porsche cars to the event. This room was one of the crowning features of the show without a doubt, even featuring an original 917 Race Car. We were able to witness the early 356 right up until the hypercar 918, a bevy of amazing Porsches were on display for all to see.

AutoStrada Magazine came out with an absolutely ridiculous line up of cars as well. Lamborghini Reventon, McLaren Elva, Spyker c8, the list went on and on. Great displays like theirs helped to  replace the missing OEM’s seamlessly and keep attendees wowed and entertained.

Our RS6 went in the Pasmag RevTV365 booth. We were happy to bring an Alfa 4c Aperta, Carbon Widebody Mazda RX-7, the Fast and Furious 1 Jetta, to join several other top quality tuner cars to round out that booth. This was a real hit with young and old alike.


With record attendance, and happy faces on all of the show going attendees, the 2023 CIAS was a resounding success. Remember if you need your car transported, OEM’s like Nissan Canada, Vinfast Canada and others trust us to move their prized possessions.

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